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Design One Delhi -
Festive Collection

Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th September 2018
Main Convention Hall, The Ashok, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Design One Diwali
10th & 11th October 2018 Dome NSCI-SVP, Worli, Mumbai.

NGOs supported by Sahachari Foundation

Every year, Sahachari Foundation lends a helping hand to the activities of deserving NGOs by funding their specific requirements. The Foundation's own members track and monitor the utilization of funds.

Apne Aap Women's Collective

An NGO engaged in grass-root level work to provide education and shelter for daughters of women in prostitution, in order to protect them from second generation sex work and give them a better life.

Sahachari's financial support has helped AAWC to support the running of a Day Program and Night Shelter. Girls attend the day program, where they are provided with a hot meal, tuitions, and vocational classes.

Website: www.aawc.in
Email: info@aawc.in


Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, including Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals was established in 1874 and is over 134 years in existence. The organization has provided dedicated and relentless service to all types of sick and injured animals. Nearly 10,000 animals are treated annually, and 300 - 400 are in-patients.

The Bombay SPCA is effectively controlling cruelty to animals in Mumbai by employing inspectors, social workers and spreading education and awareness programmes.

During the last several years, it has rendered yeoman service to sick and injured animals. The new projects include a Cardiac Centre, Intensive Care Unit, Blood Bank, Animal Birth Control Centre, electric crematorium, shelter for destitute animals and many more initiatives. These have been made possible because of generous support received from well wishers and donors.

Website: www.bombayspca.org
Email: info@bombayspca.org

Victoria Memorial School for the Blind

The Victoria Memorial School for the Blind is a charitable institution dedicated to the education and rehabilitation of the blind. Founded in 1902 and named after Queen Victoria, the school has been offering free education to children with visual impairment, looking after their various physical and psychological needs and nurturing them to become responsible and self-supporting citizens. Many of the students belong to disadvantaged families from rural areas.

The medium of education is Marathi, and students are taught various crafts and vocations, from pre-school to middle school levels.

After the seventh standard, students continue to enjoy hostel facilities, but are admitted into regular schools and given the opportunity to integrate with sighted children.

The management is constantly engaged in the task of updating and expanding facilities.

Website: www.vmsb.org
Email: vm@blindschool.net

St. Jude India Childcare Centres

There is a huge social need to provide a safe and clean environment for children to recuperate following treatment for serious chronic diseases like cancer. Through generous charities, hospitals are able to provide therapy to needy children from distant parts of the country. However, such patients often have no place to stay where they can convalesce to ensure that the treatment is effective. St. Jude provides special childcare Centres that help children under eight-years suffering from cancer to recover in a clean environment, while also providing counselling for their immediate families during this traumatic experience.

Collectively, seven St. Jude Centres have now been set up which offer palliative care to a total of 79 family units.

Website: www.stjudechild.org
Email: shyama@kaviratne.com


An initiative of Paragon Charitable Trust, Muktangan is a pioneering educational programme with an innovative model, working in close partnership with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and a number of NGOs across the country. High-quality, affordable English-medium education is currently provided to 1800 economically-depressed children, and 300 children are added annually across 7 Municipal Schools in Mumbai. Members drawn from local communities have been given intensive pre and in-service training as child-centered educators to work alongside teachers in their children's schools. They become useful agents of change, ensuring that the entire community participates in the learning process.

Email: muktanganpct@gmail.com


Provides a home where senior citizens can live their lives in dignity.

Email: chitra929@gmail.com


Helps over 20,000 girls from economically depressed backgrounds by giving them vocational training and livelihood opportunities.

Website: www.aanganindia.org
Email: shailja@aanganindia.org


Provides vocational training to school drop-outs and equips them to improve the quality of their lives.

Website: www.yuvaparivartan.org
Email: resources@yuvaparivartan.org

SOS Children's Villages

Which rears orphans in a family environment and provides them with education, medical facilities, vocational training and livelihood opportunities, to be integrated into mainstream.

Website: www.soscvindia.org
Email: yogita.sherlekar@soscvindia.org

Nanhi Kali

Educates the girl child from under-privileged communities.

Website: www.nanhikali.org
Email: support@nanhikali.org

Sakha Cabs

Cab service that trains women-drivers and caters exclusively to women commuters, to ensure their safety.

Website: www.sakhaconsultingwings.com
Email: nayantara.janardhan@sakhaconsultingwings.com

Jaipur Foot project promoted by BMVSS

Rehabilitates the disabled by providing artificial limbs (Jaipur Foot variations), calipers and other aids and appliances, free of charge.

Jai Vakeel School 

For the mentally-challenged


Training centre for the differently abled

Vandana Foundation 

Provides micro-financing for women

Life Trust

Partners the public school system, and improves the quality of education in 12 municipal schools, through creative programmes.

Naam Foundation 

Works for the betterment of farmers in drought-prone areas of Marathwada and Vidarbha, and provides gainful employment to youth in villages facing drought.

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