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Design One Delhi -
Festive Collection

Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th September 2018
Main Convention Hall, The Ashok, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Design One Diwali
10th & 11th October 2018 Dome NSCI-SVP, Worli, Mumbai.

Sahachari Foundation's Committee Members

Standing from left: Lakshmi Nair, Mala Goenka, Gauri Pohoomul, Sheela Bhogilal, Brinda Khatau Sitting from left: Pallavi Kanoria, Minakshi Bajaj, Madhu Ruia, Nilima Kilachand, Daksha Mehta, Parul Choksey


Smita Parekh


Associate Members


Nilima Kilachand
She is a patron of the arts, with a seasoned appreciation for Hindustani classical music. She organizes concerts, both public and private, and is actively engaged in the propagation and preservation of our classical heritage, under the aegis of Kilachand Foundation.

Gauri Pohoomul
She manages the family business of industrial construction. She has been an active member of Chambers of Commerce, serving trade and industry, and promoting entrepreneurship amongst women with her innovative ideas.

Parul Choksey
has a passion for classical dance and is an Odissi dancer herself. With her keen sense of aesthetics, she is able to create the desired ambience in a chosen venue. She has played a meaningful role in serving the cause of girl's education and healthcare.

Mala Goenka
She is a benefactor and Trustee of Victoria Memorial School for the Blind. Her family has one of the biggest Art collections in the country. She plays a vital role in sourcing and tapping debut talent, and converting it into budding entrepreneurship with her valuable guidance.

Daksha Mehta
She is a versatile woman; she had put together a calendar of one hundred multi-cultural events in a span of six days for the international WPO off-sites, to show the best of Bombay and India to visitors from overseas.

Madhu Ruia
Wife of Ravi Ruia, Vice Chairman of Essar group, she is involved in several projects undertaken as a part of the group's CSR activity for the benefit of villagers, environment and education, including a village school in Lonavala and a secondary school in Haryana.

Minakshi Bajaj
elonging to the family associated with the freedom struggle & Gandhiji, she occupies an apex position in the group due to her leadership qualities, experience & insight into issues related to women. She has been associated with several family trusts and CSR acitvities within the Bajaj Group.

Lakshmi Nair
Being a hotelier's wife, she is involved in hotel management, besides contributing to the activities of WPO and the American School, promoting entrepreneurship in women and organizing Art Camps for contemporary Indian artists. She runs an art gallery and plays an active role in Operation Smile, the Bridge and Boys Home in Wadala.

Pallavi Kanoria
A working woman, she has been interested in promoting the cause of entrepreneurship in women and education. As the wife of a mill owner, she started a ladies' club with the officers' wives. The group helped women become self-sufficient by providing them with necessary start- up equipment such as sewing machines.

Sheela Bhogilal
She is involved with Isha Foundation, which seeks to bring about development and progress in the lives of the rural poor, and the BSPCA, an animal rights organization, which has the only animal hospital in Mumbai at Parel. She is also a part of the Foundation for mother and child to promote health and nutrition in under privileged communities.

Brinda Khatau
With a lineage of industry and business, she is herself an entrepreneur who independently manages an export Company. Brinda supports women's empowerment, animal welfare and promotion of the Arts. She is a Council Member of The National Centre of Performing Arts and a Trustee of The Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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