The beauty of any language is lost in translation, and an apt example would be the word 'Sahachari'.Though literally translated as 'women walking together', Sahachari is much more than that. Sahachari stands for upliftment, altruism, societal responsibility, and, above all, for empowerment.

This holistic vision brought together a group of ladies to establish Sahachari Foundation, a Trust dedicated to the betterment of the lesser privileged. Sahachari ladies use their collective strengths to create an inclusive society and bring about a positive change particularly in the areas of education, healthcare, community development, and for the promotion of art and culture.

The Foundation organizes special events in which private individuals and corporations can participate by providing financial support, while taking advantage of the visibility and branding opportunities offered at the event. In turn, the Foundation fulfils its objective by effectively allocating the resources that are received from those who support its vision and work, to deserving charitable institutions.

Sahachari Foundation collaborates with National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai, for presenting unique cultural events.

By bringing together several streams to flow in a spirit of unison, Sahachari stays true to its name.